PHJR Events Live Entertainment roster have an abundance of experience within the Live Entertainment industry. They’ve Performed with famous Pop acts, Bands &  DJ’s globally amongst Performing for  Major brands and Celebrities also.

PHJR Events offer an impressive roster of professional

DJ’s, Dancers, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Violinists, Bands, Singers & more which are all available for a multitude of Event types in the UK & Internationally.


Our professional DJ’s are a sure bet when it comes to getting you and your guests in the mood for a serious party.

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Check out our selective selection of professional Saxophonists!

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We have a wide range of professional Percussionists available for hire for Weddings, Nightlife Events, Festivals, Private parties & more.

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Take a look at our stunning violinists and string quartets, available to book at your Event.

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Check out these superstars, a fan favourite of the PHJR events catalogue. Want to learn more about their early work and musical inspirations? Contact us for more info or to reserve their services today.

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Bands & Groups

We offer a range of professional 4 piece to 12 piece bands available to hire for your Event.

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