About PHJR Events

PHJR Events are a professional, reliable, and modern Events agency based in London, England.

Since establishing in 2016, PHJR Events have become widely renowned for creating outstanding Events from scratch while providing incredible Live Entertainment, Event planning services, and Event solutions, to a list of exclusive clientele in the UK and on an International basis.


What we offer...

We offer a selective roster of remarkable Live Entertainment available for booking on an international basis, amongst providing fantastic Event solutions in London, Essex & the southeast of the UK.

Away from Live Entertainment and Event solutions, we offer bespoke, stress-free and professional Event planning services in the UK & Internationally.

Live Entertainment

We offer a fantastic range of Live Musicians, DJ’s, Bands, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Singers, Violinists, Dancers, VIP PA’s & more.

The individuals we work with are considered to be some of the best and most experienced performers in the industry.

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Event Solutions

Our Event solutions are an excellent way of helping you create a breathtaking Event from scratch. 

We offer stunning Marquees, Event Styling, Event Production, Alcohol Bars, Mobile Casinos, Makeup artists, Prosecco carts and many other quirky services to complete your Event.

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Event Planning Services

Each year we deal with hundreds of clients who seek professional Events planning services, Live entertainment, or Event solution services through PHJR Events.

Since establishing in 2016, we have consistently produced outstanding Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Functions, VIP Parties & more

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Clients include: